Ms. Jeanette council, BA

from Newport News , Virginia

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Ms. Jeanette council, BAI am Jeanette Council and I am currently working as a special education teacher at Kecoughtan High School in Hampton Virginia. I am a native of Hampton Virginia as well. I have a Bachelor degree in Sociology with a minor in Religion. I am currently working on a Masters degree in Professional Counseling at Liberty University. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and a Licensed Minister. I love children and I especially love working with children that have different disabilities. My goal is to work with people with various issues and situations in life that may hinder their growth. I feel that all children have a right to learn and can learn on their level as long as there is someone willing to take the time and help them achieve it.

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Certifications & Licenses

  • Valid from: Apr, 2012 until Apr, 2014
    CPR Certification

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