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At Butterfly Effects, our services are as unique and multifaceted as every individual and family that we encounter. Established in 2004, the Butterfly Effects team of providers and advocates is now 300 strong. This allows us to promote comprehensive coordinated care that leaves no stone unturned. From early infant intervention to senior care, we emphasize direct one-on-one interactions to provide seamless support for individuals with Autism, developmental disabilities, learning challenges, and Alzheimer’s.

Among our services, we offer evaluations, direct care, behavioral interventions, education support, and case management so as to assist our clients in achieving enriched lives with as much independence and connection as possible.

With a focus on family, and an emphasis on collaboration, we will match you with nationally and internationally recognized experts employing the most current research-supported practices. We built an online case management platform that encourages open communication among all team members and facilitates timely responses to your input and questions. This shared information helps knit together the many individuals and services needed to enact a comprehensive treatment plan. 

Whether you are with us just long enough to satisfy a critical need or for a lifetime, our client-centered approach ensures the maintenance of privacy, health, and safety while promoting lives of growth and realized potential. 

When it’s the right step, the first step forward makes all the difference. To put your own butterfly effect in motion, give us a call at (888) 880-9270.

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