Autism Services for Georgia's Children

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Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Macon, Columbus, Athens, Marietta, and surrounding areas...

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ABA Services in Your Home, One-on-One from a National Leader in Autism Therapy

We can provide your family with the support needed to reconnect your child with the world.

"I never found anything as kind, professional and amazing as Butterfly Effects."
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We've Changed Real Outcomes for Hundreds of Children Across the Country.
  • Communication Skills - Whether your child is nonverbal or a little professor, we will help him or her develop the communication skills required to communicate and connect with the world.
  • Academic Achievement - Applying ABA principles, we will prepare your child for academic success and provide the support needed during those critical early years of schooling and beyond.
  • Behavior Challenges - Whether your child exhibits aggression or tantruming, or has a tendency to elope, we will develop a treatment plan that will curb the problematic behavior or replace it with one that is more productive.
  • Social Skills - Whether your child is high or low-functioning, we will help that child develop the social skills that will allow him or her to connect and interact with others.
  • Early Intervention - the earlier we begin working with a child the more dramatic the change in outcomes.
  • Assessments - We can perform all the assessments and diagnostic procedures required to determine a child's diagnosis and measure progress.

Want  to be inspired? Watch as this mother of twins with ASD explains:

Military Families, Butterfly Effects is a TRICARE provider.
"Butterfly Effects has been amazing at adapting to our military life
... they never missed a beat."   ( Making Life Easier for Military Families
  -- watch the video)

Butterfly Effects is rapidly becoming the nation's most trusted and forward-thinking provider of supports for infants, children, and adults with Autism and other disabilities. Our ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) approach provides children with the best opportunity to develop the skills needed to thrive and succeed. With the right supports, your child, as well as the rest of your family, can realize lives focused on growth and joy.

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